Djuna Van der Borgt

I am fascinated by the correlation that exists between on the one hand the new findings in quantumphysics at a micro level and astronomy at a macro level, and on the other hand my personal spiritual experience through meditation and esoteric reading.
My interest in the complexity of our mental processes and their interaction with 'reality', is residual of my academic education. My artistic work is nevertheless characterised by simplicity. I call it 'Spiritual Minimalism'.

Movement, the expression of energy, colour and light are the main dynamic elements.
The abstract image makes a connection with our mind and becomes the focal point for meditative attention. The painting is meant to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet and to harmonise its occupant(s) in the surrounding space.
Reoccurring themes and elements are water, ocean, waves, horizons, light, globes and circles, spirals, rays, dimensions, etc.
The frames are part of the 'image' and link the surrounding space and painting in order to create a continuing dialogue that always ends in silence, attention and the now.
The receptive viewer experiences freedom, clarity, calm, vibrancy and positivism.


majored in Ethics in 1983 at the University of Ghent
portrait and figure drawing at the Art Academy of St-Niklaas, ’80-‘85
1 year of clay and plaster sculpting at the Art Academy of St-Niklaas, '85-'86
3 years of Painting at the Royal Arts Academy of Antwerp, ‘85-’88


"A Box is a Trunk is a Painting" in 1989, at a private gallery in Pulle, Belgium

exhibition in Phyllis Morris, Beverly Hills, California, 1990
group exhibition at Linda Sexton's private art gallery, Los Angeles, 1990
group exhibition "Arthostages", Los Angeles, 1990

"Visions of the Centre" in October 2000 at Weert, Belgium
Participant of "Magical Antwerp 2001", with a huge moving slide projection on the Antwerp Cathedral
"Allow to Flow" in April 2002, Antwerp, Belgium

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